✨Welcome to They Talk About✨ 'TTA X Owi Liunic' Bundle is now available on our website🎉
✨Welcome to They Talk About✨ 'TTA X Owi Liunic' Bundle is now available on our website🎉
✨Welcome to They Talk About✨ 'TTA X Owi Liunic' Bundle is now available on our website🎉
✨Welcome to They Talk About✨ 'TTA X Owi Liunic' Bundle is now available on our website🎉
A mother of stone: Amanda Mitsuri
April 2, 2019

A mother of stone: Amanda Mitsuri




After a long hiatus of this Women Talk Episode, we started to collect piece by piece of its souls by finding our next icon to tell their stories. 94.1 miles apart with significant changes in humidity and chance of rain fall, we’ve finally talked to Amanda Mitsuri, the master mind behind jewelry brand that named after stone, Massicot. With our little collaboration in crafting TTA x Massicot Brooch which inspired by TTA new birth: The Face Palette, we have some more. It’s both of our talk and upcoming project that soon will be announced!


  1. Tell us about your jewelry brand how it is known as a must have item for women!

       My jewelry brand is Massicot, a brand named after a stone in the medieval era. Massicot is a               multifunction and everlasting stone for its use, and I want to interpret this name into a brand that         lasts forever and always explore new things.


       Talking about jewelry, in my point of view, we as women from the east have this sense of “fear of         empty” which shapes the non-existence of minimalist concept in our culture. This makes jewelry           as an important accessory and somehow speaks louder about the identity and statement of the             user.


  1. How do you usually find inspiration?

      It comes from my daily routine. I always spare 1 hour a day to collect new things; from morning          walk, reading books or simply watch interesting videos on Youtube.

  1. What product from Massicot you mark a high score?

      Every year is a new trend for jewelry. Four years ago, people were crazy over earrings and today,        they find that brooch and earpiece as “a thing”. For me, all Massicot’s products represent all                women’s character; from feminine to unique individual. Product that marks a highscore? The                statement jewelry I guess.


  1. We’re gonna talk about skin and beauty. Ready? Are you thrilled seeing people doing skincare routines?

          I love watching people’s skincare routine! Who doesn’t want healthy skin! Hehe


  1. Where do you find out about indie beauty brand/local products?



  1. Talk us through your ultimate daily makeup routine?

          Serum, foundation, They Talk About’s The Face Palette (IT’S A MUST) and They Talk About’s                matte lipquid in Sandstone mix with Marsala!


  1. Which is your favorite part of your face?

           Hahahahaa chin


  1. Now let’s talk about your motherhood! How do you find yourself working and taking care of your newborn baby at the same time? Could you share your #DoubleDuty experience with us?

          It’s a natural habit since I was a kid. I don’t know if it’s a gift or curse haha, I really love                      working. When it comes to motherhood, there was a start, a transition that overwhelms me                  somehow. Being a mother is the next level, but as time goes by, it’s all about our perspective              and how we conquer our desire and ambition inside us. Now I’m no longer talking about
          success but appreciate more in the process. And remember, baby step is okay!


  1. Did you skin change when you were pregnant and after giving birth?

  1. Ok general question, what’s your plan in this year? Collaboration or another product release?

          To be honest, there are tons of plans this year! From workshop, Massicot’s branching,                          Massicot’s new collection that will be released on April and Massicot first zine print! I know I
          want a lot of things hahaha.

  1. We see you as a woman with high value at work, do you think women can do what men can do?

Yes! We are human, despite the fact that there are men and we were born as women, what matter is our will to do something. I’m happy to see women working in dynamic circumstances, active and become an expert at their job.


  1. What is the most important skill women should have?

          Women should feed their brain with knowledge, always. If women can stand for herself, smart              and know what to do, they will be “the light” for themselves and others and things will be                    easier for her and whoever around them. Definitely.


  1. Things you hate the most when you work with other parties?

          Lazy people. For me, people who appreciate time are the ones who invest their life in a good                way, but these lazy people? They don’t know how to be thankful for the time being given to                  them. Time is money and it’s real.


  1. Talking about horoscope, do you think it matters? As if, it would affect people’s will and wrongdoings?

          IT DOES MATTER! Ahahaha the fact that horoscope is a science, so basically it is a research.
          But it’s not a 100% match from one person to another, because early life factor around family              could affect human growth. Learning deeper about horoscope teaches me not to easily hate a              person, I learn that it’s their natural habits and attitude, and I find that a lot of people
          have unique attitude! So I tend to blame the sign not the person hahaha

  1. Give our women a special message!

          Hmm ok, be a dependable one! <3