Nude Lipstick: Defined or Blurred Edges?
February 8, 2018

What’s your preferred way of wearing lipstick? Particularly in this case, the Matte Lipquid kind… This time I am going to give you two options and two looks you can choose from.

1. Blurred Edges

This one is similar to the Korean ombre lip trend, but more subtle and natural looking. This look allows you to really press the product onto your lips, making it act as a stain. The blurred edges serve a more natural, effortless look. I wear my matte lipquids this way for daytime, and whenever I do not need precision. I love it because it feels more lightweight on the lips. The product becomes one with the lips and really stick to them.

To get this look, all you need to do is press whatever leftover base product (foundation or concealer) you have on your beauty sponge or brush onto your lips lightly. The keyword is natural, you do not need to erase your lips completely, therefore you do not apply any additional base product. This serves as a base and to make it easier to get the blurred look.

Apply the product to the center of your lips only and then press your bottom and top lip together. After that, spread the product around with your finger. When you use your finger to blend lip product, you will not get precise, defined edge, and what you get is…. Yes you guessed it, blurry edges!

If you feel like you need more intensity, repeat the process, not forgetting to only apply product on the center of your lips, so you get the most intensity in there.

I like to wear this lip look with natural makeup.

2. Defined edges

This is the more usual way of wearing lipstick. With this look you need to be more precise and put more effort into making sure that everything looks tidy and sharp. I do not wear my lipquid this way often, maybe only to attend weddings or special occasion.

To achieve this look, first you have to make sure there is not too much product on the applicator/wand; wipe excess product on the side of the lipquid tube.

Use the side of the applicator to apply product on the sides of the bottom lip and use the top of the applicator to apply product on the sides of the top lip, this will make it easier to achieve a defined edge.

Fill the center part of your lips.

You can also use a little bit of concealer or foundation on a brush to sharpen the edges, and apply a second layer of product to up the pigment and make the lips look fuller.

Voila! So which one is more “you”? Natural blurry edged lips or a more sophisticated, sharp defined ones?