✨Welcome to They Talk About✨ 'TTA X Owi Liunic' Bundle is now available on our website🎉
✨Welcome to They Talk About✨ 'TTA X Owi Liunic' Bundle is now available on our website🎉
✨Welcome to They Talk About✨ 'TTA X Owi Liunic' Bundle is now available on our website🎉
✨Welcome to They Talk About✨ 'TTA X Owi Liunic' Bundle is now available on our website🎉
The Unedited Collection: A Collaboration with Ayla Dimitri
February 12, 2020

BEHIND THE CURTAIN: Jumping out of our comfort zone

Finally, we made to this exciting point where we can invite someone we adore to do a collaboration with us. We can say that this is a breakthrough moment for They Talk About team to level up our presence amongst local brands and beauty enthusiasts. This collaboration feels like They Talk About’s outer zone; never have we thought to break the barrier between self-comfort and stepping-up our game. That is why we are glad to announce Ayla Dimitri as our campaign muse this time.

The thing about Ayla that hooked us on this collaboration is her strong presence as a woman, her true sense and her bold statement. We want to elaborate Ayla’s personal touch (and bold eye-makeup) as our inspiration for our next product. Thus, we named this collaboration ‘THE UNEDITED COLLECTION’ to bring you Ayla’s hidden side and behind story. Through this collaboration, we hope that the beauty standard that exists today doesn’t divine us for who we are and we can always break the boundaries for being true, with or without the edit. 

THE UNEDITED COLLECTION: A collide between colors and charm

They Talk About is known to have a ’safe’ collection of cosmetic products, we never knew we would have a blue eyeshadow as one of our collection. When Ayla told us about her connection with blue eyeshadow and decided to include the shade on our collaboration, there was no doubt and we were beyond excited to finally step out of our usual muted-shades. All of the products in this collection shows Ayla’s type of colors and charm; classic with a twist. 

MATIC LINER in Noir Obsidian is a deep matte-black liner and highly-pigmented pencil with a small-tip which is perfect to draw thin line to create edgy and bold eye-makeup , a classic beauty weapon with a modern twist that is suitable for both advanced and beginner makeup users. Noir Obsidian represents the mysterious side of a person through self-reflection and growth. The shade’s name itself is derived from the French word ‘Noir’ which means ‘black’ and Obsidian, black-colored volcanic-rock that represents Ayla’s zodiac sign, Virgo. 

GLIDE-ON EYESHADOW in Bleu Szafir is a deep pearly blue eyeshadow pen that will give you a strong statement instantly. It’s cool and playful at the same time, an ultimate shade for the expressionists. The name Bleu Szafir represents wisdom and expression, a perfect definition of Ayla by her birthstone--no wonder it’s Ayla’s favorite item from the collection. 

GLIDE-ON EYESHADOW in Maro Jasper is a warm pearly copper-brown eyeshadow can create a safe-but-glam eye-makeup or applied as eyeshadow-base for any look and color. Just like the color, the name Maro jasper is inspired by Romanian word for ‘brown’ whis is ‘Maro’ and another one of Ayla’s birthstone; Jasper. Combined, these two words reflects comfort and strength.