How to keep the matte lipquid in the right texture?

     Shake the tube before applying and make sure that the cap is tightly closed after applying to keep the texture of the matte lipquid in the right consistency.

Why is the matte lipquid tube covered in plastic?
     We put our attention to every tiny detail of our products; hence we've put an extra care to your matte lipquid bottle to make sure it arrives safely on your hand. You can remove the plastic wrap or leave it as it is.

How should I wear your matte lipquid?
     Make sure that your lips are not chapped and there is no makeup left on them to get the best result. If you need some inspirations on how you should wear our matte lipquid, go to our Lookbook page.

Is your product free of harmful ingredients?
     Sure, we offer you beauty products that are safe to use. You can check the ingredients of our products in the Product page.


Where can I order your products?

     You can make an order on this website or via our Line@ Account (@theytalkabout).

How can I buy your products?
      Please check our How To Order page for detailed instruction on how you can buy our products.

Can I get a sample of your product?
      Sorry, but we can’t provide sample of our product. Nevertheless, if you want our product for publication purpose, please contact us via email at cs@theytalkabout.com.


What kind of payment method do you accept?

     If you make an order from our website, you can make a payment with credit card or bank transfer. Order from our Line@ Account can only use bank transfer for payment.

Can I cancel or change my order once payment is done?
     Once the payment is confirmed, order cannot be canceled or changed. Please make sure to check the product and quantity in your cart before you proceed to shipping and payment confirmation page.

Can I pay by cash?
     We’re very sorry, but currently, payment by cash is still unavailable.


What shipping options are available for me?

     We have 2 shipping options that you can pick, JNE YES & JNE REG. Please check our Shipping page to find more information on our shipping and delivery services.


Do I have to make an account to order your product?

     You do need to sign-in if you want to make an order. However, you can skip filling out the registration form by singing-in with your Facebook or Google account.