2018 Beauty Resolutions
"New year? New you. Adani will share you some set goals in beauty that you’ll actually want to add to your 2018 Beauty Resolutions. Let’s steal her ideas.
The great long weekend is coming right up, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Adani will give you some tips how to pack travel beauty essentials (especially, makeup) for any trip. You’ll find the basic elements of beauty essentials in Adani’s suitcase.
Let’s get you in the holiday spirit! Adani will talk about makeup ideas she wears for holiday look to keep makeup looking it’s best that we are heading into party season.
“Bagaimana sih caranya mendapatkan pregnancy glow?” Pregnancy glow adalah hasil dari peningkatan hormon dan produksi darah, yang membuat kita terlihat lebih sehat dan berseri-seri. It’s all just biology!"